Risuka Mizukura (水倉(みずくら) りすか, Mizukura Risuka) is the main heroine of Shin Honkaku Mahou Shoujo Risuka, and its titular protagonist. She is a magical girl located in the Saga Prefecture, working with Kizutaka Kugi to find her missing father.


One of Risuka's most prominent traits is her speech pattern. Since she only learned Japanese after arriving in the Saga Prefecture in her search for her father, she speaks in a somewhat broken way which is, according to Kizutaka, similar to "badly translated German", due to the inversion of the subject and predicate. Although she is listed in her school's roster, she rarely attends, prefering to shut herself up in her home and transcribe magic tomes. Her primary hobby is watching sumo wrestling, and, according to herself, her preferred "types" are men with large physiques (like sumo wrestlers). When in her adult form, she becomes very agressive.


Risuka is a young girl with long, messy and curly blood-red hair, tied in two large twintails, and blood-red eyes. She wears a completely red outfit, consisting of a red detached collar with a red ribbon tied around it, a red tank-top showing her stomach, red shorts and red tigh-high stockings with garterbelts. She also wears red gloves and red bandages around her arms.


Risuka is the daughter of Shingo Mizukura, one of the most powerful wizards. She transferred to the Saga Prefecture, where her father went missing. At that point, she had been magic hunting for two years alone, but ever since she encountered the genius sociopath class representative, Kizutaka Kugi, she started working with the boy.


Magic: Risuka is a magic user. Her magic's Element is water, its Type is time and its Manifestation is Moment. By shedding her blood, Risuka can change "fast-forward" her life, changing her appearance and healing her. For a single minute, after shedding a lot of blood, Risuka can take her "prime" form of a 27-year-old woman, when her magic casting and fighting are at peak condition.


  • Shin Honkaku Mahou Shoujo Risuka Light Novel Series
  • Mazemonogatari, "Risuka Blood" Short Story


  • Risuka's first name is a reference to the japanese word for "wrist cutting" (リスカ, Risuka)
  • Risuka's last name, Mizukura, is written with the characters for "water" and "warehouse".
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