"The Warrior of the Rat―Killing inexorably, Nezumi."


Nezumi (寝住(ねずみ), Nezumi), real name Tsugiyoshi Sumino (墨野(すみの) 継義(つぎよし), Sumino Tsugiyoshi), is a character from Zodiac War and the protagonist of The One Wish That He Wants Granted No Matter What, and the Ninety-Nine That He Doesn’t. He is the Warrior of the Rat (「()」の戦士(せんし), "Ne" no Senshi), part of the warriors of the twelve eastern zodiac signs.


Nezumi has a serious and pragmatic personality, and often wears a neutral expression, not showing too much emotion. During the Zodiac War, Nezumi appears as a rather carefree person, considering the situation. Due to his ability, he's often sleepy and trusts in people like Chicken, despite knowing nothing about them, and he also doesn't appear to want to fight very much, as he is one of the people who formed an alliance with Monkey, with no hidden intent to betray her. However, even though he showed interest in her pacifism, Nezumi doesn't feel that fighting for peace is worth doing, as he feels contempt for his classmates for leading such carefree lives, uninterested in the real conflicts of the world. He even tested using his wish from the Zodiac War on killing every one of them, but he quickly redid this reality.


Nezumi is a high-school student with light gray short hair and gray eyes. During the Zodiac War, he wears pieces of armor over black clothing. The head piece of his armor has ears styled like a rat's. In his usual time, he is shown wearing his normal-looking school uniform.


Nezumi is a child solider who, in his spare time, attends a normal Japanese high school, where he has a reputation for being strange, as he doesn't usually talk with anyone and spends his breaks sleeping. When he was selected for the Zodiac War, he wanted to refuse but went along with it when he foresaw that, in all realities in which he did, he was murdered by the administrators of the Zodiac War.

Abilities and Equipment[]

  • Hundred Click (ねずみさん(ハンドレッド・クリック), Handoreddo Kurikku, lit. "Mister Rat"): Nezumi's superhuman ability enables him to experience up to a hundred alternate timelines (or "paths") of the current reality and select which one he wishes to be real, thereby discarding all the others. However, despite its usefulness, this ability puts severe mental strain on him; which is the main reason for his constant sleepiness. An odd side effect of this ability is that, even though all traces of the other paths get erased from the memories of everyone say for himself, some feeling of déjà vu still remain as multiple participants of the Zodiac War have stated how they feel they've seen Nezumi before, but cannot recall from where. Even though the ability is greatly beneficial to him, as it's the only reason he won the Zodiac War in the first place, he sees it as a liability since (according to him) he still needs to go through a hundred times more suffering than anybody else.


  • (Nezumi's self-introduction) "The Warrior of the Rat―Killing inexorably, Nezumi."
  • (Nezumi's wish) "I wish to dream."
  • (Nezumi to Duodecuple) "...Ah. I've decided. My wish is... It's to...! Please let me forget it all!! I don't have something like a wish I want granted no matter what!"


  • The spelling of his alias, Nezumi (寝住), is homophonous with the Japanese word for rat (鼠, Nezumi), but written with different kanji. The first one, 寝 (Ne) means sleep or to sleep, while the second, 住 (Sumi) means to dwell or to reside. Overall, the alias can be translated as "a rat that occupies the state of sleep".
  • Nezumi's last name, Sumino, is written with the characters for "black ink" and "civilian life".
  • Nezumi's first name, Tsugiyoshi, is written with the characters for "inherit" and "justice".


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