Kuroneko Byouinzaka (病院坂(びょういんざか) 黒猫(くろねこ), Byōinzaka Kuroneko) is one of the protagonists of the Sekai Series. She is an eccentric girl who always found in the nurses' office of Outouin Private Academy.


Kuroneko is a genius girl, but also an eccentric. Since she is afraid of people, and she is also phisically weak, she doesn't go to class. Instead, she can be found in the nurses' office most of the time. She likes to solve trivial mysteries. She is considered by the rest of the students as weird. She is a sore loser. She is also interested in the occult.


Kuroneko is a small girl with a well-developed chest, almost always seen wearing gym clothes.


As the school nurse is almost always absent, Kuroneko took the role of taking care of injured students around the school.


  • Sekai Light Novel Series
  • Mazemonogatari, "Kuroneko Bed" Short Story
  • Seishun Kijinden! 240 Gakuen Crossover Manga Series


  • Kuroneko's full name can be translated as "Black Cat of Hospital Hill".
  • Kuroneko's nickname, Kuroneko-san (くろね子さん) can also be translated as "Miss Kurone Child", but is homophonous with her first name.
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